TanzoHub: Revolutionizing Live Event Engagement

TanzoHub: Revolutionizing Live Event Engagement


TanzoHub: Revolutionizing Live Event Engagement. TanzoHub is redefining the landscape of live events, elevating audience engagement and interaction to unprecedented levels.

Unlike traditional passive viewing experiences, TanzoHub immerses attendees into the heart of live performances through its groundbreaking technology, forging profound connections between artists and audiences.

Redefining Live Engagement

TanzoHub offers an unparalleled platform that actively involves users in live events via smartphones and various devices. It transcends conventional event participation by transforming passive viewers into active participants, fostering an immersive and engaging environment.

Using cutting-edge real-time video rendering technology, TanzoHub seamlessly visually integrates the audience into the event. Through smartphone cameras, attendees’ video feeds are transformed into animated avatars, projected onto large displays, and seamlessly merged into live production in real time.

Bridging the Divide

This groundbreaking approach blurs the lines between remote attendees and on-site participants, creating a shared metaverse-like space. TanzoHub abolishes the barrier between mere viewership and active engagement, ushering in a new era of participatory experiences.

Key Features and Benefits of TanzoHub

  • 1. Immersive Participation: TanzoHub transforms attendees into active contributors within live events, fostering an immersive experience where the audience’s energy influences the performance.
  • 2. Social Connectivity: Through animated avatars, attendees interact visually, fostering community and enabling connections akin to being physically present.
  • 3. Gamification and Rewards: Implementing gamification elements such as points, badges, and leaderboards incentivizes active participation, adding a fun and compelling aspect to the experience.
  • 4. Data and Analytics: The platform captures real-time data and analytics, empowering organizers with valuable insights to enhance future events and optimize the TanzoHub platform.
  • 5. Multi-Platform Accessibility: TanzoHub accommodates various event setups from smartphones to large displays, ensuring widespread accessibility across global audiences.
  • 6. Scalable Audiences: TanzoHub seamlessly integrates audiences at a much larger scale than traditional live productions, amplifying the energy of events with thousands of simultaneous participants.

TanzoHub Platform Components

TanzoHub Studio

The TanzoHub Studio, the production software, allows organizers to manage live events and audience integration. Producers can overlay real-time audience video feeds into different scenes and control their interaction with the performance.

TanzoHub App

The mobile app empowers audience members to capture video, morph into avatars, and actively participate in live events. Interactive features like gestures, emotions, and dances enhance the overall engagement.

Diverse Use Cases

TanzoHub’s versatility extends across various live events and performances:

  • Concerts and Festivals: Artists perform to digitally simulated crowds, enabling global attendance and interaction.
  • Speeches and Presentations: Keynote speakers engage with a visually represented audience, garnering real-time feedback.
  • Dance and Theater: Interactive dance routines and visual storytelling with remote audience integration.
  • Fitness and Classes: Instructors lead workouts and classes with remote participants synchronously joining.
  • Weddings and Events: Sharing special moments with attending friends and family, regardless of physical presence.
  • Gaming and eSports: Spectators immerse themselves in eSports arenas, engaging remotely as if present.

This versatility spans entertainment, education, enterprise, and beyond, delivering next-generation live experiences.

Company Overview

Founded in 2018 by digital media visionaries Mark Zviman and Alan Dai, TanzoHub aims to transcend the limitations of conventional live events. Their convergence of interactive mobile video, real-time 3D graphics, and live production yields unparalleled audience participation and engagement.

Initially self-funded, the company secured $7 million in Seed funding in 2019, led by Gradient Ventures (Google’s AI fund) and Partech. Headquartered in Mountain View, CA, TanzoHub boasts a team of over 50 employees spanning product development, engineering, and business operations.

Product Evolution and Milestones

TanzoHub embarked on a private beta phase in 2018, collaborating with select partners to refine the platform. By 2019, the company opened its SDK, APIs, and technology integrations to developers and content creators.

The initial versions of TanzoHub Studio and TanzoHub App launched in Q1 2020. By Q3 2020, TanzoHub introduced its self-service platform, enabling easy access for anyone to create interactive live events.

With over 10,000 hosted events and over 250,000 remote attendees globally, TanzoHub continuously enhances its platform, widening its customer base across diverse industries.

Exemplary Success Stories

Pioneering productions utilizing TanzoHub have redefined the potential of live events:

  • Travis Scott Fortnite Concert: Travis Scott’s Fortnite concert in April 2020 integrated live fan reactions via TanzoHub, amassing over 12 million attendees for an epic participatory experience.
  • Einstein On Stage: Creating COVID vaccination awareness, this interactive comedy show blended real-time performances with animated routines, fostering audience engagement.
  • Proximity Dance Interactive: Original TanzoHub productions facilitated up to 2,000 attendees, controlling lighting sequences and visual effects through synchronized gestures, shaping a new form of enhanced dance.

These instances and more underscore TanzoHub’s capacity to revolutionize live events.

Future Innovations

TanzoHub envisions further advancements to its platform, fostering unparalleled human connections through live interactions:

  • Enhanced social features enable attendees to interact and hang out within their avatars.
  • Integration with streaming platforms like Twitch and YouTube for interactive broadcasts.
  • Creation of shared metaverse environments for attendees to explore and engage in virtual worlds.
  • Augmented reality functionalities blend TanzoHub avatars and interactions into physical venues.
  • Expansion of animation options with full-body motion capture and photorealistic avatars.
  • Introduction of Tanzohub twitter Marketplace, facilitating the exchange of interactive content, assets, and tools among creators.
Conclusion of TanzoHub

TanzoHub stands at the forefront of transforming passive viewership into active participation, seamlessly incorporating audiences into live events. TanzoHub shapes a future of immersive, interactive experiences by continually innovating and expanding its platform.

Event organizers and attendees embrace this paradigm shift, recognizing TanzoHub’s role in enhancing connection, community, and entertainment. As TanzoHub evolves its technology, the potential for revolutionizing live events becomes boundless.

TanzoHub empowers individuals to be more than mere spectators. The vibrancy and thrill of the world’s most participatory live productions are now within reach.

FAQs about TanzoHub

What is TanzoHub?

TanzoHub is an interactive live event platform that visually integrates remote attendees into performances using real-time animated avatars, transforming passive viewers into active participants.

How does TanzoHub work?

Attendees use the TanzoHub app to capture video, transformed into animated avatars in real-time. Organizers use the TanzoHub Studio software to incorporate audience feeds into live productions, controlling interactivity.

What can you do on TanzoHub as an attendee?

Attendees can clap, dance, emote, chat, earn points, interact with the performance, and engage with other participants, becoming an integral part of the event.

What types of events work with TanzoHub?

TanzoHub caters to many live events and performances, including concerts, theater, dance, comedy, esports, conferences, and numerous others.

How is TanzoHub different from virtual events platforms?

TanzoHub distinguishes itself by seamlessly blending real-time remote audience participation into live in-person productions, creating a hybrid and enhanced experience, unlike traditional virtual event platforms.


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